The 1100kV GIL test project of Suzhou Huadian UHV Sutong GIL Integrated Pipe Gallery Project was a complete success




Suzhou Huadian participated in the world's first UHV Sutong GIL integrated pipe gallery project 1100kV GIL AC withstand voltage and partial discharge test and achieved a complete success. The successful completion of the test fully reflects our company's technological innovation ability in the research and development, design and manufacturing of test equipment and the professional service level of on-site electrical tests.

The UHV GIL series resonance AC withstand voltage test system specially developed and produced by our company for this project has broken through a number of technical bottlenecks: the first fully automatic UHV test vehicle; successfully realized four parallel 450kW non-partial discharge frequency conversion power supplies; innovation Invented UHV integrated fusion voltage measurement technology, metal flake inflatable pressure equalizing cover, etc. It provides a reliable guarantee for the safe, efficient, high-quality and smooth completion of this difficult test. The 40-person professional technical service team dispatched by the company worked hard for 20 consecutive days under high-temperature exposure in the outdoor field and humid and enclosed environment in the pipe gallery. All the staff obeyed the command, abide by the safety regulations, endured hardships and stand hard work, and demonstrated a high sense of responsibility and rigor. Work style.

In view of the outstanding performance and significant contribution of Suzhou Huadian in this project, Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute praised and fully affirmed our company in the form of a thank-you letter, and presented a silk banner.

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