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Jiangsu Huadian Testing Co., Ltd. specializes in providing third-party calibration/testing services for the power industry. The company has obtained the qualification of calibration/testing laboratory accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (Certificate No.: CNAS.L3831). Its measurement and calibration laboratory is a professional measurement technology institution that specializes in the calibration and testing of instruments and measuring systems in accordance with the "Metrics Law of the People's Republic of China" and relevant measurement regulations and administrative regulations. Independent and legal third party impartial status. The main business is engaged in the inspection of electric energy metering equipment, electric safety equipment, high-voltage power equipment, high-voltage test equipment, and third-party calibration of electrical, thermal, length, mechanics, time, frequency, physical and chemical (electric oil, gas) and other professional calibrations /Testing Laboratory. The laboratory has a high-quality measurement and calibration team composed mainly of senior engineers from universities and engineers with many years of work experience. We uphold the quality policy of fair behavior, scientific management, accurate data, and integrity in operation. Provide professional, efficient and high-quality measurement calibration services for the society.

    The CNAS-qualified calibration/test calibration certificate issued by the company has been recognized in more than 140 countries and regions that sign the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Organization Mutual Recognition Agreement (ILAC-MRA). The data issued can be traced to the national measurement standards and the International System of Units (SI), and the certificates and reports issued fully meet the traceability requirements of the ISO/IEC17025 and ISO9000 families.

    The laboratory area of each professional category constructed by the company is 1,500 square meters. The high-voltage laboratory has equipment such as power safety tool detection devices, 0.1-level AC and DC 200 kV standard voltage dividers, 0.01-level precision current transformers, 0.01-precision voltage transformer verification equipment, and 0.02-level three-phase multi-function standard meters. Can be used for high-voltage power equipment of 1000 kV and below, such as transformers, insulators, circuit breakers, high-voltage cables, current transformers (5-6000A), voltage transformers (0.5-500kV) and electrical safety tools, such as insulating rods (rods) , Phase nuclear apparatus, capacitive electroscope, portable short-circuit grounding wire, etc., carry out AC and DC high voltage test and inspection. Possess technical capabilities for maintenance, repair and related engineering testing of measuring instruments for weighing, force measurement, torque, electromagnetic and other items.

    The company adheres to the principles of science, fairness, accuracy, efficiency and thoughtfulness, and follows the purpose of accurate and reliable data, credibility first, and customer satisfaction, and strives to provide our customers with high-quality measurement calibration/testing services.

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