Fully electronic transformer calibration device

Fully electronic transformer calibration device

Suzhou Huadian conducts close technical cooperation with the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, specializing in the production of various standard transformers and transformer calibration devices

       In the electric energy measurement device, the electron source has a very large technical advantage over the electrician source. It can be seen from the elimination of the electric meter calibration station. However, because the transformer testing station requires much more capacity than the electric meter calibration, it is electronic The process has been slow. With the development of power electronics technology, the cost of high-power devices has fallen, making transformer detection all-electronics a reality.

Technical indicators: (Our technical requirements and performance indicators that are not mentioned in the bidding technical agreement are in compliance with the current IEC standards, Chinese national standards and relevant regulations of the electric power industry. If one of the indicators has different regulations in each standard, Select the highest value among them)

Power supply operating frequency range: 50Hz ± 0.5 Hz

Measuring range

In-phase component (%)

0.0001~200.0 Resolution: 0.0001

Orthogonal component (minutes)

0.001~999.9 Resolution: 0.001

Impedance (Ω)

0.0001~60.0 Resolution: 0.0001

Admittance (ms)

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