Digital high voltage voltmeter (voltage divider)

ZGSF series digital high voltage meter (voltage divider)

Product Category:

Conventional model (C type):

ZGSF-C-A conventional pure AC voltage divider

ZGSF-C-D conventional pure DC voltage divider

ZGSF-C-A/D Conventional AC/DC Voltage Divider

Special customized model:

Intelligent voltage divider (Z type)

No partial discharge divider (WJ-F type)

Standard voltage divider (Type B)

Technical conditions

Voltage measurement range: DC/0~1500kV; AC/0~2400kV (can be customized on demand)

Accuracy grade: 0.2 to 2.0 (can be customized according to needs)

Capacitance range: 50~6000pF (can be customized on demand)

Frequency range: 20~300Hz

Technical features:

Full-parameter digital display or smart screen display head, which can display the effective value of AC, peak value,

Peak value/√2, true effective value, peak-to-peak value; screen display voltage waveform and frequency

High precision, high linearity, high stability, anti-interference

Internal shielding anti-interference system, all-round pressure equalization measures, single or sub-section structure

Suzhou Huadian participated in the compilation of China's power industry standard: DL/T973-2005 "Verification Regulations for Digital High Voltage Meters"

◆ Authorized utility model patent:


High-voltage safety measurement system for anti-return voltage


High-voltage side current measuring device

 Applied and accepted a utility model patent:


AC UHV shielding pressure measuring device

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