Mobile Power Test Intelligent Integrated System

1000KV Transformer Field Calibration Vehicle

Real-time remote audio/video wireless transmission A mobile and efficient mobile command center with near-point inspections, coordinated communications, multi-point remote expert video conferencing, audio/video real-time transmission, and military-level data transmission encryption system.

  • Core technology and innovation
  • patented technology
  • Detection test
SF6 gas insulated integrated structure technology of step-up transformer and standard transformer;
Electric adjustment stepless compensation technology to meet CVT, TV and GIS built-in PT calibration;
Closed compartment, fully automatic deployment, high-voltage components automatically in place structure technology;
On-site verification of vehicle/platform system R&D and design technology for a full range of transformers.
UHV power transformer calibration vehicle (ZL201210256550.0)
EHV power transformer calibration vehicle (ZL201110195740.1)
On-site calibration vehicle for piezoelectric transformer (ZL200910115124.3)
  • In September 2014, the State Grid Fujian Electric Power Research Institute used the 900kw (450kWX2 parallel use) non-partial discharge variable frequency power system developed by Suzhou Huadian in the Dahu UHV substation to carry out the 1000kv main transformer induction withstand voltage and partial discharge test.

  • In October 2015, Suzhou Huadian customized a vehicle and a box of ultra-large capacity UHV main transformer induction withstand voltage and partial discharge test equipment for the State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute to test at the UHV 1000kv Taizhou Station.

  • In July 2018, Xinjiang Beiyi Power Plant 750kv main transformer induction withstand voltage and partial discharge test.

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