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Export Projects

Products manufactured by Suzhou Huadian Electric Co., Ltd. (SZHDDQ) have been exported to the United Kingdom (GENVOLT Co.), Japan (SOKEN Co.), Singapore (National Power Grid Co.), Australia (Olex Co.) and other countries. SZHDDQ also participated in the power plant construction projects in many countries, such as the Alexandria Power Plant in Egypt, the Kuwait Power Plant, the Sukhoi Rovi Hydro Substation, the Chashma Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan, and other projects in Thailand, Malaysia, India, Macedonia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Angola, Indonesia and Tanzania.

The GIS withstand voltage test site for the Anderekerka Hydropower Station in Madagascar.

PD test site for the 220 kV main transformer at the Luodemaba Substation in Sudan, Africa.

The 10km/264kV cable AC voltage withstand test in Kuwait.

The routine test of the Kempcl subcritical coal-fired power station in India.

Thailand 500kV oil-filled cable feeder withstand voltage test (1000kV HVDC test set).

Customized 330kV long-term reactor for Australia Olex cable Co. from the world famous cable manufacturer Nexans Group.

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