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Power Electronic Type Test System

For no-load/loaded test, and temperature rise test of transformer

Rated output capacity: 5500kVA

Output voltage: 0-10kV, single phase, continuously and independently adjustable

Output current: 550A

Voltage regulation accuracy: ≤50V

Output distortion: THD u≤2% (0~120HZ)

Output frequency: 40~120Hz, continuously and independently adjustable

Frequency adjustment accuracy: ≤0.02Hz

Frequency instability: ≤0.05Hz

Load adaptability: Inductive or resistive load with λ L ≥ 0.8

Power Units: 10kV: 14~18

V/f control characteristics: V/f separation, independent control

Input voltage: three-phase, 10kV±10%

Input frequency: 50/60Hz±10%

Input power factor: "97% (at rated load)

Power efficiency: "96% (at rated load)

Patents: ZL201210371652.7     ZL201210422519.x

In October 2016, Shanxi, the 6000 kW power electronic type test system performed the 1000 kV no-load/loaded test for the world first UHV transformer transported disassembled.

Guangzhou Siemens Transformer Co., Ltd. used SZHDDQ’s 6000kW power electronic type test system to perform the out-of-factory no-load/loaded test for 500kV and 1100kV winding of transformers.

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