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Established in 1995, Suzhou Huadian Electric Co., Ltd. (“SZHDDQ”) is a manufacturer of high voltage equipment and test instruments in China.  Through its research and development, manufacturing, sales and service units, it proud itself for providing an integrated solution for high-voltage service needs to various customers in the power industry.

As a member of the National High Voltage Test Technology Standardization Subcommittee and the High Voltage Measurement Subcommittee of the National Electromagnetic Measurement Technical Committee, SZHDDQ has participated in the compilation of 22 industry standards. 9 of these standards are under review and 13 have been published, including the “General  specifications for spetial test instruments used in Power equipment”.

SZHDDQ developed many of its own intellectual properties. It possesses 27 Chinese patents, such as the "Extra High Voltage (EHV) AC withstand voltage test truck", 78 Chinese utility model patents, such as the "Ultra High Voltage (UHV) DC generator ", as well as 34 software copyrights.

In 2008, SZHDDQ Test Center received the accreditation certificate from the China National Accreditation Service (CNAS) laboratory.

SZHDDQ’s Its products primarily fall into the following categories: mobile intelligent system for power test, full range of test devices for AC and DC applications under High Voltage (HV)/¬EHV/UHVs, and various test devices for power apparatus of transmission and transformation class.

Production Plant for Electrical Test Equipment

 Electrical Production Workshop 

Instruments Showroom

 High Voltage Test Hall  

Test and Metrology  Workshop

Production Workshop for Electric Test Vehicle

 Experiment Vehicles Exhibition Hall

Specialized Workshop with a 60-Meter Long Span

 Mass Production Line of Test Vehicles 

Integrated Assembly Line

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